Frey Art

We like to think that the foulard is itself a work of art: a work of art to wear, to show and to exhibit.

Every time we approach the creation of a new design and a new line, we always try to start from a strong idea that can concretely give a true identity and that is a strong inspiration for the creation of our accessories.

The new Frey Art line is based precisely on the important expressive concept of “Wearing Art” by creating designs inspired by the major artistic currents and creating unique, modern and personal accessories.

Wearing Art means, for us, being carried away by the wonderful expressiveness of artists who have left an indelible and tangible mark on history and that we like to revive also through our contribution. From them we “steal” the wonder of the signs, the brilliance of the colors, the cutting of the landscapes, the juxtaposition of shapes.

The foulard is once again the perfect accessory, which manages to combine and enhance all these artistic suggestions, reconfirming that it is a timeless accessory.

Impressionism…. Expressionism …. Thinking of Mondrian …. Dalì and Pop Art …. 5 themes to dress Frey’s art.

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